Book Cover Design: DataWorks offer cover design services for eBooks, hard bound covers, paperbacks, dust jackets, ring-binding etc. DataWorks team design the cover based on the book genre, intended audience, size of the book etc.

DataWorks has an expert in-house team who can visualize and design creative covers based on the subject matter of the books or based on the author/client specification/template. We have successfully designed and delivered for our new and existing clients.

Graphics Design: DataWorks create custom artwork for book title pages, creative logos, maps, newsletters or any other marketing materials. Our designing team will incorporate your need and specification to deliver a beautiful design and layout.

"Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates."

- Kate Angell

Book Interior Design: The success of a book incredibly depends on how a book layout is designed internally. Our DataWorks team of professionals are capable of designing layouts for books, magazines, journals, novels, nonfiction, poetry, illustrated children's books, cookbooks etc. Our expert team develop a well-executed layout, which meets the industry standards and render a superior reading experience for the readers.

GUI Design: DataWorks team is skilled in developing App Design and website Design. We design apps which are user friendly and attractive to induce the user to use the apps more frequently.

Web Page Design: DataWorks is capable of creating a sleek, app-focused landing pages, micro sites and blogs that helps you to shelf/showcase your apps. Our team can design and develop sites for individuals, small sized to large sized companies.

Creative illustrations: DataWorks illustration team are capable of converting any description to digital format. We provide illustration services for book cover, books, journals, magazines, graphic novels, cartoon design, websites etc.

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