App Development

DataWorks has a team of skilled and experienced programmers who are actively involved in app development for iOS, Android and Windows platform.

Our team of talented and dedicated professionals possess strong knowledge about windows SDK, android SDK and iOS application development process and programming languages and technologies like

  • Objective-C and Cocoa touch, XCode (iOS based app).
  • Java (Android based app).
  • .NET, C, Java (Windows based app).
  • PHP/ HTML5 (Web related services)

Quality Analysis & Testing:

DataWorks has a clearly defined workflow to guide the team throughout the development process. Thus Quality analysis and testing is done at each stage to ensure that the app developed meets the client demand and expectation.

DataWorks follows meticulous testing methods at each of development process. At DataWorks we manually test the app by cross-checking with various inputs at each stages of development process. We ensure that the app developed is compatible with the intended device, platform, latest and earlier versions of the software/browsers etc.

DataWorks is capable of creating a sleek, app-focused landing pages, micro sites and blogs that helps you to shelf/showcase your apps. Our team can design and develop sites for individuals, small sized to large sized companies.

DataWorks team has good command over the language. Our editorial team join hands with our programmers to review the existing content and suggest modification and incorporate the same upon clients' confirmation.

DataWorks team is capable of developing an app which can support multiple languages which helps the client to target extended audience.

DataWorks programming team is capable of developing a device specific app. Once the app is developed the developers' team perform

  • Load testing – to ensure that the app loads faster and compatible with the device.
  • Functionality testing – By giving various inputs to ensure that the entire functionality thus developed works perfectly.
  • Regression testing is done to ensure that the app works perfectly after the completion of updation, patch files etc.

In brief, DataWorks quality analysis and testing services include:

  • Manual testing of already developed Apps/websites.
  • Compatibility checking.
  • Content review.
  • Load testing.
  • Functionality testing.
  • Regression testing.