DataWorks editorial team is well versed with different editorial processes, standards and we strictly adhere to publisher specification or author-specific guidelines. Our editorial team can offer you:

Proof Reading

DataWorks proof readers play a vital role in the successful completion of our projects. DataWorks services include basic proof reading as well as editorial proof reading. Our proof readers ensure that the finished material is accurate and faultless. We ensure that the team delivers the books free from typographical errors, spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity etc. Also our proofreading team meticulously checks the pages at each stage of production to ensure that the book is ready to be published.

Copy Editing

DataWorks copy editors are experts chosen from various field of interest with an excellent command over the language. DataWorks team then improve the style and quality of the content by modifying, restructuring, editing the authors' content to improve and eliminate ambiguity if any and deliver an error free document. Our copy editors are experts in proof reading as well.